Thing 3

This week I am meant to be meeting the other 23 thingsers for a coffee together. Unfortunately I can’t make it as I am on placement that day. This is the curse of being on a ‘not-quite-a-pHD, not-quite-working-full-time’ course. I am half-student, half-employee, like a centaur or a mermaid.

If anything this emphasises the importance to me of using social media in order to make professional or networking connections as so often I can’t attend conferences, seminars and meet-ups as I have to work or attend a full day of lectures. Therefore, I need to be more tech savvy in order to reach out to people.

I have had one online breakthrough this week! – I emailed an author to find out more details about a paper she published. It took me a full three weeks to get the courage to email her mainly because I don’t understand the social etiquette involved with online networking. Fingers crossed she will reply and I haven’t put my foot in it.

Anyway, this week instead of meeting up I will wish my fellow 23 thingsers a lovely coffee break and remain an online mysterious enigma.


One thought on “Thing 3

  1. I am sorry to hear that you couldn’t make it to coffee. Thank you for your well wishes and hopefully you will be able to join us at some stage and become less of an enigma!


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