Thing 6: Exploring images online

I was looking forward to this week, I think I am quite a visual person and the idea of using Flickr for more exciting photos in presentations and papers, or exploiting Pinterest for research and post grad ideas is quite exciting.

I used Flickr to see what kind of photos they had about obesity. It was mostly graphs or cartoons mocking obese people which isn’t ideal for my thesis which adopts a more sympathetic approach. However, the very fact that this is what is most visibly seen and created is interesting in itself. It was also interesting to think about the legalities of what pictures can be used and how to find the ones available for sharing.

I love Pinterest and today I started a new one for research and Psychology related info so I have been excitedly perusing what to pin on there today. I like all the survival tips and life hacks that have been recommended!

Finally I think Instagram will remain firmly in my personal life. I do follow a couple of medical pages but that is more for my own interests rather than anything serious.



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